If you attended the District 7500 RYLA from 1995 to the present, you are one of our valued Alumni! It doesn’t matter whether or not you ever became a member of our staff, you are still a RYLA Alumni. We would like to keep in touch with all of our Alumni, if we can. We can provide additional training and resources, we can help you in your schooling, your career, your family and personal life, and we can get together for social events.

Perhaps you’d like to help us raise money to fund youth leadership programs like RYLA, Interact or Rotaract. If so, we work with eClub7500 to raise money, and we’d love to have your assistance. Perhaps you might even like to become a Rotarian yourself, and give back to other young people what Rotary gave to you. We can help make that happen, too.

But before any of that happens, you must create a user account on our website. Your account will grant you access to sections of our site which are not available to the general public. You will get access to many resources that will help you in life. Your information will be kept completely private and never sold or given to any 3rd party, ever.

Please click this button to create your RYLA7500 user account if you had been selected prior to 2015 or you have not been an a Counselor since 2015:


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