School Faculty

If you are currently a member of the Facullty or a School Administrator in any high school in Burlington, Monmouth or Ocean Counties in New Jersey, we invite you to create a free User Account on our website. Having a User Account will grant you privileged access to private areas of the site that are not accessible to the general public, and are specifically targeted toward individuals like yourself.

In your case, you would gain access to pages that will help you assist your students in applying to RYLA, let you see which students from your school have applied, and show you our progress as we make the selections of which applicants will get to attend this year. Once RYLA starts at the end of June you will be able to login and see photos and video of your students as they participate in RYLA, and even send them messages, if you want.

Your User Account will also help us be able to contact you if there are any changes you should know about, such as changes in the RYLA schedule, and important changes in which students are going. For example, sometimes a selected student must decline to attend at the last minute, and we need to fill their spot with an Alternate, ASAP.

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