Are you interested in attending RYLA?  If you are currently attending high school in Burlington, Monmouth or Ocean Counties in New Jersey, you are eligible to apply to attend the District 7500 RYLA Program.

As you apply to RYLA (link below), you will be provided with a username and will set a password or you will be prompted to log into your existing account.  Once you apply and/or log in, your account will provide you access to sections of our site which are not available to the general public, such as pictures and articles about RYLA, further details about the application and selection process, and instructions about how to contact your local Rotary Club.  Your information will be kept completely private and never sold or given to any 3rd party, ever.

If you haven't yet decided to apply to RYLA, we invite you to explore some of the links to the left, to see pictures of past RYLA events, read about our history and see testimonials from RYLA participants. Refer here for further information: 2018 RYLA Announcement.



RYLA Application

RYLA Application Process Overview:


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