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User ID Creation Prerequisites

~~~~    WAIT!    ~~~~
Before you create a new User Account, 
there's a few VERY IMPORTANT things you NEED to know:
1. Do NOT create a user account using a school email address
Schools very often will block our website from sending you important
emails and you won't even know it. If you don't already have a personal
email address create one on gmail BEFORE you create a user account with us.
2. Parents: Please feel free to create your OWN user account with us, we encourage it! 
(you'll get access to additional pages) but do NOT use that account to apply your child to RYLA.
Every applicant to RYLA needs their OWN user account, and the applicant needs to be logged 
into this website FROM that user account, or the application will not go through.
3. PLEASE try not to create multiple accounts for the same person. If you think you already 
created an account, but are having trouble logging in, let us know and we'll help you very quickly.
We can look up your username and reset your password.
If you have multiple accounts you might not get notified that you were accepted to RYLA.